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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 10, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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stops right here because we are always looking out for you. welcome to the special edition of hannity. recent days a huge controversy over the so-called contraceptive mandate that the white house has put on the catholic church and others. earlier today in a big announcement, the white house tried to back it down. here is what happened. >> under the rule women will still have access to free preventative care that includes contra september active services no matter where they work. that core principle remains, but if a woman's employer is a charity or hospital that has a religious objection to provide
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contra september active services as part of the health plan the insurance company, not the hospital or charity, will be required to reach out and offer the woman contraceptive care free of charge would you say co-pays. the result will be that religious organizations won't have to pay for these services and no religious institution will have to provide these services directly. let me repeat. these employers will not to have pay for or provide contra september active services. >> sean: that was president speaking earlier today. prior to the announcement, i sat down with some of the most influential faith based leaders in the country to discuss this issue and much more. >> thank you all for being here. let me start with a simple premise question. is there war on religion in america? >> there certainly is. our faith as christians tells us where the war originates.
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jiet lighted came into world and there has been a conflict ever since. warring on the pro-life front and we experience it everyday. fierce opposition not just to position but our faith. >> sean: catholic league has been in the forefront of this battle, this mandated that the government will force catholic institutions to provide health insurance that also allow for the morning-after pill, contraception. that is directly against the catholic faith? >> i'm glad you mentioned the morning-after pill, cast this just about contraception. look, nose of the cam sell in the tent. he wants the morning-after pill. it's included and awaiting approval. this first amendment issue. remember in 2007, the first thing i'm going to do when i become president of the united states is sign the freedom of choice act.
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which if that got through, it could arguably throw out every catholic hospital in the united states because they would be made to perform abortion. for some reason, he for catholics he has particular hostility to. >> and the treatment of iran and israel. the way he was treated benjamin netanyahu. we asked israel that we would never go back to pre-1967 borders? >> the issue in borders is separate. but there is a tone deafness in this administration to religion for good and bad. they underestimate faith in other countries and undervalue the beauty and power in this country. so whether you agree with the conclusions they've reached on a particular issue is less important to the fact to me that consistently the disregard for the needs of people of faith when their faith happens to be not that of the president.
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>> sean: why would we treat the prime minister of the closest ally the way they treat benjamin netanyahu? >> the personalities clearly clashed but it's a mistake. this administration puts agreement about specific policies with friendship. there will be a real difference but the test of the friendship when you support each other and not come back to the health issue. if you want to say you respect catholics, it can't be i respect catholics and they agree with me. even if we're going to disagree about the policy but we're going to work this out. here is the law and you'll be on my side or not. >> sean: this is interesting, bishop timothy dolan, he is about to be cardinal, but interestingly he requested directly to the president. he said this is about the
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fundamentals of our faith, the core of our religion. he asked them not to do it. there is a story00 this. >> he said this very publicly. he said clearly after the meeting in the oval office, don't worry archbishop, i understand you. i'm going to meet you halfway. what was halfway? it was you've got one year to get ready to violate your conscience. it seems likes it's about contraception or catholic church but it's not. it's about the federal government. in this case, contraception but what their ideology is more important than religious freedom. but a little bit of hope, is we're having this discussion with all of us here today and the people are listening and able to write in to their congressman, who are able to
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write in the fox news and say we want more of this or white house enough is enough. >> sean: he called the archbishops himself and said i'm not going along with you. >> he said i'm sorry. i'm very disturbed, dolan told him, he said you are not going to get all of what you want. next time you speak. when you betray somebody you put salt in the wound. >> sean: good to see you again. let me ask you this. one thing we do know about the president's decision is that it went to him. he spoke with the archbishop. he spoke with other religious leaders. it seems to me he had a choice. appeal to his left wing base on the issue of contraception or respect religious freedom. we are going to talk about the legal aspects later. when he made that choice, what does that say to you about
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president obama? >> he hasn't come to the black community. he has never asked the black churches what is your opinion on the health care. what is your opinion on the same sex marriage. what is your opinion on abortion? he ignores the black minister when it comes to issues. he is saying, i don't care what you people think. i'm going to do what i want to do. so he does not seek the counsel of the black bishop and the black major denominations when it comes to these issues pertaining to faith. it was like when i was a little kid. speak when you are spoken to, come when you are called, one of these days you will make a good watchdog. >> sean: did we go to the same church. [ laughter ] >> he doesn't want the counsel of the black clergy.
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the church is the foundation of the black community. it's the only institution social scientists say that blacks actually own in america. when you destroy the black church you have destroyed the black community. he is chipping away at the foundation of the black community when he is attacking these faith based issues. >> sean: you are all in your own right strong men of faith and religious leaders. everyone here tonight. there have been religious leaders such as yourself that have spoken out publicly and it's so unjust and such an assault on liberty there are those that are saying they will not obey this mandate. how many of you will not obey this mandate? how many of you you will? one. the only one. two. >> i will not. let me be clear, this is not a
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question about contraception it's not a catholic issue. this is religious freedom and conscience issue. martin nemo said during germany i didn't speak up when the communists came. i didn't speak up to the trade unions. i didn't speak for the jews. we're not going to make that mistake. we are united, southern baptists. we're absolutely united. we certainly agree morning-after pill is unconscionable but to have the government say that we're going to have to pay for that for employees in religious affiliated institutions, our presidents are up in arms. this will not stand. if we're all willing to go to jail, none of us will have to.
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if they want to read my letter from the national jail, i'm ready to follow in the steps of martin luther king. i will not comply. >> sean: how many of you are willing to go to jail over this? >> it's very clear. people have died for those things that are absolutely essential to their faith. it's not a question of going to jail, but if i'm asked to do something that goes against my conscience, i better be willing to die for that. what am i standing up for if not? >> sean: you as of this sunday there has been a decision by mayor bloomberg, that public schools and institutions buildings can't be used by faith based organizations which they have for a long time. >> pastor, manhattan bible church, large church that i pastor, senior pastor, this is
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not about president obama. this is about a cultural war on faith. this sunday february 12th, mayor bloomberg and chancellor walcott will make homeless the poorest of the poor churches in the city of new york. why? because it's religious intolerance. they are getting kicked out and these are churches and i was arrested on january 12th three other pastors. we knelt down in front of bloomberg's office building and i am a threat to society. we were arrested and held at taken back to new york city. then a week later. there were 30 pastors arrested. mayor bloomberg has a war on faith. i've been on a water fast for 23 days. >> sean: he is drinking soup and
9:12 pm
noodles. >> i'm doing it and fasting because we're willing to fast to change the heart of mayor bloomberg. we're praying for mayor bloomberg and chancellor walcott that their hearts will be soft. >> sean: impress my catholic friends to change ones hearts. that is about as much as you are going to get out of me. we'll have more as the special edition of hannity continues. it has been said, you are not supposed to talk about religion and politics, those issues collide as we debate the president's decision and what impact it may have on the 2012 election. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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>> sean: welcome back to special edition of hannity. faith in america. earlier at the white house they backed down on their contra september active mandate that they were put on the church and instead they transferred that mandate to the insurance companies. >> if a women's employer that has a religious objection that n providing contraceptive services the insurance company, not the hospital, not the charity will be required to reach out and offer the woman contraceptive care free of charge. >> sean: contra september active
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mandate has been a p.r. nightmare for the white house. it could have a major impact come november considering that catholics make up 27% of the electorate in 2008. in addition catholic voters supported barack obama over john mccain by a 9-point margin in 2008. joining me is is chairman of the faith and freedom coalition and talk radio service, ellen ratner. it's going to have an impact on the race? >> it's going to have a huge impact. this isn't going to just affect the catholic vote. nobody has won the white house without carrying the catholic vote since 1960. what is more shocking than the statistic that you showed, obama basically tied among weekly attending catholics. that will not happen in 2012 in part of this decision. what it shows not just a
9:18 pm
political tone deafness. it shows not just an insensitivity to, an outright hostility to the beloved role of the church in meeting the needs of the needy the left behind the homeless the hungry. 90% of the homeless shelters are run by a church or synagogue or house of worship. >>. >> this would change the social fabric which is in the end is faith community based and ultimately not governed. >> sean: he didn't know he was being recorded. he was at a san francisco fund-raiser. i think a lot of people thought it was off the cuff remark but bitter people in pennsylvania clinging to their guns, bibles and religion, president said that. what does it say, he met with
9:19 pm
the archbishop in new york, told him everything is going to be fine and decided to cater to his left wing base? >> there is a public policy that says 53% of american catholics agreed with the white house decision, believe that contraception should be offered in the catholic hospitals. although, under the provisions nobody is forced. it's against your conscience to prescribe it and you don't have to do it. >> sean: do you believe in freedom of religion? >> i do. >> sean: do you believe in religious liberties? >> but not to force one religion upon you. >> sean: it's not about one religion. >> it is. >> sean: but if the people in the exercise of the free religion against their principles. we're not talking about what the doctors have to do. >> look most evil and catholic
9:20 pm
churches have far more employees in the schools and charities than they do have at church proper. if you only feed members of your own churches and house members of your own church to mechanics of your own church, you can do whatever you want, but if you go out and help anybody who is hungry or homeless or needs free health care, i thought we were for that. then if you do that you have to violate your conscience and in the case of millions of catholics. >> let me say something. 53% of catholics. >> sean: let me ask you a question. why is david axelrod trying to pull the president back from this? why is he politically after he made a conscious decision, why are they trying to get out of this? >> i don't think they are trying to get out of this.
9:21 pm
he basically said we have a year and a half, we're going to decide on the final language before the health care bill comes on line in 2014. >> they are diving under the furniture. people like biden and daley are leaking they were against it. look at the pew research data on catholic vote. in 2008 it was 49-41% democrat. in december of 2011, this is pew data, it was 49% of republican and 42% democrat. that is 15-point swing and that was before the decision was made. >> you don't think that when it comes up to romney versus obama, that that catholic vote is going to go obama. >> if you think catholic and evangelical voters are going to show up en masse in modern
9:22 pm
political history to say they don't want a president when the congress passes a resolution reaffirming in god we trust as our symbol and says we don't need to be stuff doing like that. goes to turkey and says we're not a nation based on christian values? >> sean: we're going to have much more from the studio audience of faith based leaders. democratic strategist will also be here. you won't want to miss that as we continue with this special across the golden state,
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>> sean: welcome back to special edition of hasn't interest in. i am joined by faith based leaders from a variety of backgrounds. we have been talking about the grievances they have with the current administration. news broke that the administration has taken in support of the contraception mandate, preventing army chaplains from reading a letter by the archbishop. joining me is with the debate, dr. richard land and fox news
9:27 pm
contributor. chris hahn. now it's freedom of speech. do you think other claims that some have made that you can't allow chaplain of our brave men and women to hear about an important decision? >> this was made by the head chaplain. he changed one line in the letter and was read at mass. >> sean: wait a minute. he has to edit what you have to say. >> there was a line that we will not support. i'll edit out. >> sean: that is the point. this is about freedom of religion. this is about freedom of speech. wait a minute, army chaplain stepped in and tried to sqarn it. >> first amendment grants you freedom of religion. but not to ignore labor laws in
9:28 pm
united states of america. we would not allow the catholic church to discriminate of people because of age or race or provide a different minimum wage. this is a benefit you get for working in america. >> wait a minute. it's a benefit to have chaplains? this is a right. we have a freedom of religion. it's in the first amendment. as chief justice roberts mentioned twice in the section when it comes to labor hiring. a position so radical their two supreme court employees of interfering. this is letter to catholic severs men and if george w. bush had done it the entire editorial board of "new york times" -- >> a letter was given out as written by the archbishop. >> it was edited. >> it was given out the
9:29 pm
chaplains. they were not allowed to read it until they made the edit. >> sean: if i can here, father, is that a problem for you, an archbishop writes something to the congregation and they say, wait a minute you can't read that. >> that can be a problem. i know many priests throughout the country were asked to read certain letters on sunday and they chose not to. some reasons it was overly political. some diocese were given an option whether to read it and some chose not to. i wouldn't change a line. >> sean: father morris is shaking his head. >> i think it's sad. the fact is, archbishop dolan is not going to force any bishop to
9:30 pm
read any letter. but the federal government would be stepping in and saying you are not allowed to read a letter to catholic servicemen, the bishop of the servicemen is not allowed to read it? that is absolutely ridiculous. it's a question of federal government intruding on religious freedoms. >> where does it go from here. we let them in the door and they take over the whole house. we don't need the president or congress to interpret the doctrine of the christian church or to tell us what to say. we are intelligent enough through the holy spirit to be able to speak to our people without any help from the white house.
9:31 pm
>> as you said earlier, it's the camel's nose under the tent. like here in new york, bloomberg was shutting down the pro-life pregnancy centers. he didn't allow any faith representatives. he didn't allow clergy at 9/11. no nothing about faith. >> it's when the government begins to create definitions that infringe upon our religious freedoms. the definition of healthcare by the catholics does not include contraception and abortion. whose definition are we going by? who is defining what healthcare is? it's to provide reasonable services for that health. how does it not include these things? >> and we are a judeau christian
9:32 pm
nation. when obama became president, he said we d are not a christian nation. this is christianity because of what we stand for and who we are. obama does not believe in it. >> sean: we need to take a break. i promise we'll get everybody back in. we have two seats. maybe you are very blessed. i think there is statement much is given and more is expected. >> i'm grateful, we live in a country we can discuss these things without the government pulling the plug. >> as soon as they stop editing letters of the archbishop we'll be better off. >> so are they doing it for the rights of americans? a special edition of hannity ♪
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>> sean: welcome back. it was more than two essentials go when is the first amendment was adopted, two centuries ago and it was dined ziechbd to protect freedom of religion in america. but now the first amendment rights appear to be in jeopardy thanks to the obama administration. here in the studio is our legal experts, we have fox news legal analyst who has successfully litigated a number of cases, peter johnson, jr. and also joining us is hannah smith, a senior counsel for beckett fund, an organization that files the first lawsuits against the obamacare mandate. peter i've known you a long time. i know you have litigated many cases. let's look at it from the legal angle. >> madison made it clear there should be a full and free exercise of religion in this country according to the
9:38 pm
dictates of your conscience for all faiths. now, we have a broadside and assault on the first amendment by the obama administration. this time on the catholic church. who is next? >> sean: good point. >> this is not just about the catholic church. this is about evangelical christians, this is about protestants. beckett fund is suing in three courts. we are representing a catholic institution. evangelical christian institution. this is not just about catholicism but the right of conscience. >> cooksly where does it stand. we had a supreme court justice, justice ginsberg she wouldn't adopted the u.s. constitution in the year 2012. >> i think faith wins if this is a constitutional battle. if the president doesn't back
9:39 pm
down on this issue because you put it right. he is asking people to violate their conscience, to put a government mandate. to put the fear or the penalty of some punishment before people's ability to worship their faith. >> sean: you said, i think. that doesn't sound like certainty to me? >> i'll revise. i believe to a certitude. i don't have ability to predict the future. i do believe it. >> sean: what do you say? >> it's an open case. >> sean: why would the president do this? politically speaking, it seems to me this is was a simple choice. religious freedom versus contraception and he chose the contraception. he chose the morning-after pill. don't know why. this is a president supposedly,
9:40 pm
harvard law review. he was intelligent. >> you invoke prayers, national prayer breakfast and you evoke scripture and is basis for government. at the same time you make a political determination where you say i'm going cater to my base. cater to hard left wing vote. the constitution is unimportant to this white house. constitution is a way station on the road to political victory in 2012. it's not important how catholics are treated or any religion is treated. there is a greater goal. greater goal is adherence and devotion and fidelity to the constitution. it's not about the catholics. it's not about the catholics. it's about the jews. it's about the protestants, the
9:41 pm
muslims and their ability to worship without the infringement and the assault of government. >> sean: last word. >> this is substantial burden on the free exercise. if you look at the amount of fines that will be imposed if they don't comply, they are enormous. >> sean: it might be as high as $10 million. >> they have 70,000 employees, they could pay up to $140 million in the first year. go to and we have a petition. and support our cause because we defend all faiths in this. >> its rosa parks moment. it's an opportunity for all americans of all faiths to stand up for the constitution. >> sean: well said. coming up next, we'll check back in with studio audience of faith based leaders and get a female perspective of all of this and many have speculated that the
9:42 pm
administration put forward this mandate in order to win the support of women. is that strategy working? we'll have that answer and much more as the special edition
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take the lead. ask your doctor if incling advair get your first fl prescription free and save on refills at is. >> kelly: welcome back. politics and religions don't mix too well. how does this contraceptive mandate issue going to impact the 2012 race. >> after the genuine concerns that have been raised over the last few weeks as well as frankly the more cynical desire on the part of some to make it into a political football, hammering out a solution in months would not be an option. >> sean: who will women side with. here is jehmu greene and the president of conservative women penny nance.
9:47 pm
is it about the women vote. >> it's about pandering to the far left. vast majority of women get this. majority of us are people of faith. if we don't take a particular issue on birth control but we strongly disagree with the issue on this. it's more like so we have said very strongly we will fight this. concerned women will fight this in congress. we'll fight in the courts and in the pulpits. >> sean: why force people of faith deeply held conviction to go against their conscience, go against their religion. if anybody wants birth control, isn't it readily available? you could walk on either side of this building into any struggle drugstore and get birth control. by the way, it's there in every city and every town in america.
9:48 pm
why do people of faith have to do something against their values and fund it? >> i have to start by saying president obama confesses jesus christ as his lord and savior. what i learned in my church as christians we should not bear false with it. there have been accusations not being a christian. >> sean: he did go to church. trinity baptist church of jeremiah wright which a christian church based on the teachings of james cohen. >> time to answer my question, why should people give up a deeply held religious conviction? why religions have to change their faith and be mandated by the government when people have such easy access to birth
9:49 pm
control if they want it? >> every single woman in this country deserves access to birth control. 89% of women want to have control over their birth control. >> sean: i don't know where i got that statistic? >> the university of scranton and san francisco, all these catholic institutions that is providing birth control. >> sean: you didn't answer my question. >> in 28 states that have this mandate in place. this is politicians and pundits trying to politicize. >> sean: go ahead. >> women will not stand for it. >> this is an issue for women because we strongly believe what we are taught by church. what we are taught in the bible. this is a government mandate against women of faith, juice j
9:50 pm
us like it is disagrees to go against their church and their conscience. >> hang on for a minute. >> to use birth control. 98%. [ talking over each other ] >> hang on for a minute. >> even if you don't personally i am evangelical. even if i don't take the same belief as a catholic woman on the issue of birth control i will protect her right. this administration has made a mockery of religion freedom in this country and it is wrong and we will fight him on it. >> sean: before we break. let me go, i don't believe with black liberation philosophy. nobody is questioning that he is not a christian. that is separate issue? >> scriptures says judge by what
9:51 pm
they do and not what they say. i came from that background and we have been taught from day one over the last 50 years that christianity is not the black man's religion. they have been working for years -- that's right. every day over 1500 black babies are aborted. 70% of abortion meals are located in the city. you don't hear obama defending that. i don't think my children should be burdened with a baby. they say faith based christianity is an enemy of them. >> 58% of women use birth control for non-family reasons for health reasons. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: coming up next white house says they are listening to concerns of religious leaders and hopefully they are watching
9:52 pm
tonight. they will lay out their concerns directly to the a
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
is. >> sean: welcome back. before the president made his announcement adjusting his position on the contra september
9:56 pm
active mandate i spoke to top faith leaders across the country. here is what they said. >> rabbi i didn't get a chance, you said earlier you were one of more liberal, you didn't get arrested, right? >> i said ways liberal and i would make two points. first of all, the american people support the administration on this issue. they've done a whole series of polls, various groups, they all show support. you wouldn't know hearing from today. second of all, i would suggest. >> sean: show support for what? >> show support for support for policy of this administration. >> 39% are against it. >> sean: who are you referring to. >> i would be happy to provide. i read four or five coming in. i don't think this is a religious freedom issue, this high school h to churches of america. i would be leading the battle,
9:57 pm
this has to do with institutions with a broad public purpose that employ people across the spectrum. >> sean: he is waiting. >> i don't think you can go to church we are going to manage your charities and your schools. obama administration is shredding the first amendment, stepping on religious institutions is a problem. they are not a problem. they are one of sources of greatness. people can worship and help their neighbor of whatever religion. >> ask the question, why now? obama understands that, this is his last time around. i think he is trying to set this stuff in motion, put it out there. once it's out there, it's hard to take it back. >> sean: we have a catholic theologian over here. >> my name is david cable from arlington, virginia.
9:58 pm
there was question about priests read the letters. they did read them last sunday, there was a round of applause. i asked them in their churches, d.c. and everybody said it was read and people clapped in the end. it's interesting. >> this administration is consistently been, think rightly concerned about some of the excesses and problems with religions. they have been tone deaf and ignorant is all the good religion does. i'm willing to be sympathetic to religious excess, but if you not you ignore for human good around the world today. with all those excesses remain communities of faith, helping people. >> that figure that ella 53% of catholics supported it. how you flame the question
9:59 pm
determines the answer. should the question, should they carry contraceptives. when you have a poll and should people give a chance to opt out, 77% of the people wanted freedom of religion and 9% of opposed to it. that makes a big difference. >> it's not just obama administration. you have the tact on the boy scouts because they have god in there. you have a attack on cemeteries. you have the hietd hated speeches. they announced they want to take god out of the air force oath. happy holidays, merry christmas. we see range of attacks upon our faith. it's not obama is drum major for it. >> they wanted to restrict religion freedom of worship. this is about, we are guaranteed by the first


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